Island GIS selected as Google Enterprise Partner

5 years, 3 months ago

Island GIS, the leading independent GIS (Geographic Information Systems) consultancy and provider of innovative and integrated geospatial solutions for the oil and gas industry based in Edinburgh, has announced that it has been appointed as a Google GEO Enterprise Partner.


“Within the Oil & Gas industry, the opportunities that GEO technology can deliver in helping solve the real challenges that many organisations face is just not fully understood,” says Paul Edmunds, Director, Island GIS. “This partnership is set to harness the Google GEO platform with latest GIS technology to improve operational effectiveness and financial efficiencies within the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors”.


The company believes that whilst the Oil & Gas industry is expanding at a great rate, the operational and financial risks associated with exploration and production are also increasing.  In conjunction with this, there is only a finite amount of expertise, resource and operational skill-sets available that are required to meet the demands of such a burgeoning sector.  This skills gap within the industry and the lack of experienced senior operations personnel is resulting in inefficiently run large-scale projects.  These issues combined present the industry significant challenges in relation to the operational and financial risk of key industry projects.


Paul Edmunds continues:

“GEO technology can be a key solution to the challenges that we are seeing.  By managing huge quantities of data, imagery and providing an analysis of specific projects, companies can be provided with a real-time operational picture of their physical assets and activities wherever they are in the world.  This enables them to continually monitor progress and development, which gives them the knowledge and insight to make more informed decisions faster. 


“And in terms of the skills challenge, GEO technology creates real transparency and insight into specific projects, which can bring together teams, no matter how dispersed, and enables decision-makers to ensure that their operations are progressed in the right way.”


Paul Edmunds concludes:

“Ultimately, GEO technology strives to de-risk operations at the outset, rather than waiting for issues to occur, and ensures operational effectiveness and financial efficiency throughout the lifecycle of any project”.