Working with Utilities Groups, Island GIS are setting up spatial management systems that resolve communication barriers and manage a range of environmental constraints and geological issues, as well as addressing wide ranging accessibility, in terms of technology platforms and live feeds of information and data.

Key components might include a mapping platform to improve the GIS workflows and information delivery to multiple project stakeholders for both the pre and post construction phases of a project.  Island GIS can quickly reduce the requirement to distribute various datasets and hard copy maps to multiple stakeholders and ensure that maps and related data are changed on a regular basis during the pre-construction phases of a project. 

In the past, a hard copy map issued yesterday could be out of date by the time it was delivered but we develop platforms that allow Project Managers to provide direct stakeholders with the most up to date information, in order for them to be able to then make better informed decisions. This is often supported by a collaborative platform that improves workflows reducing project risk and saving time. For example, the construction teams can draw up Environmental Hazard maps in a system based on reports and map data added by a project team. 

Our experience and expertise in the utilities sector means that we can involve hundreds of users and stakeholders to access up to date specific mapping and reporting, optimising the environment with multiple layers.  We are able to manage hosted services with rapidly changing cloud technologies and by combining leading edge technologies, cloud infrastructures, and agile development, we are able to optimise our fundamental skills in excellent digital cartography.