About us

Island GIS utilises advanced mapping technologies to help its clients enable the collation, visualisation and analysis of spatial data that facilities intelligent and informed decision making.  We support and ensure corporate excellence and transparency across project management workflows in the renewables and utilities sectors.

Founded in 2006, and based in Edinburgh, our expert and well integrated team of GIS specialist developers and technical architects are focused on delivering innovative and integrated geospatial solutions.

We work with large and small clients across Utilities, Construction & Environment industries to efficiently develop, host and deliver mapping solutions specifically to the requirements of any major project and our core technical infrastructure is designed to host a fully managed standalone cloud solution. Equally we can integrate our proven workflows and expanding knowledge with existing client systems.

In October 2013, we were chosen as a Google Enterprise Partner, which now helps us focus on enhancing Google’s Geo platform with Island GIS’s advanced technology and in November 2013 we won the AGI Award for Innovation and Best Practice in the Private Sector.