Our Team

The Island GIS team is young, dynamic and passionate about working consultatively and in collaboration with clients and industry stakeholders to improve performance throughout the lifecycle of a project. This gives our clients increased competitive advantage and maximises their enterprise value by delivering cost efficiencies and improving operational effectiveness.

Paul Edmunds, CEO

For the past 10 years Paul has worked on GIS projects across the Energy and Environmental sectors, developing a comprehensive understanding of the analytical and technical application of this fast changing industry. Paul has a BSc in Geography and an MSc in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Edinburgh. He has gained core experience in project management and GIS product development whilst working for Wood Mackenzie and for ERM as a GIS Consultant.  Paul has managed and supported projects in the UK, Europe, North Africa, North America and South East Asia, and clients have included Shell, BP, Maersk, Defra and Scottish & Southern Energy.   At present Paul's aim is to ensure Island GIS grows to be a leading provider of quality GIS products and services.

Najya Batool, GIS Manager

For the past 10 years, Najya has worked on GIS projects across the Energy, Environmental and Emergency Management sectors, gaining a valuable skills-set in assessment, analysis, mapping, and mitigation services. Najya has a BSc in Earth Systems Science from George Mason University and an MSc in Geographical Information Science from the University of Edinburgh. She has gained core experience in project management and GIS product development whilst working for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and for Dewberry as a GIS Consultant. Her clients have included FEMA, North Carolina State Government, US Geological Survey, and Scottish & Southern Energy. Najya now aims to ensure that Island GIS provides quality GIS products and services, and maintains high client satisfaction.

Douglas Mundie, Client Manager

Douglas has spent 25 years in industry, primarily in high-technology plastics, involved in a wide variety of end-user markets. He has worked throughout the UK, Europe, and America in senior positions in Sales, Marketing, and General Management. For the last six years he set up and ran a global marine environmental consultancy business, SMRU Ltd., on behalf of the University of St Andrews, working in the sectors of Offshore Renewables, Oil & Gas, and Marine Civil Engineering. Bases were established successfully in North & South America and in Hong Kong. He has been a Non-Executive Director to the Court of the University of St Andrews, appointed to run Technology Ventures Scotland as their first Chief Executive, Executive Chairman of The Ness Institute, non-Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Research Centre, Chairman of Fusion (Scotland) Ltd. for six years and is a Scottish Council member for the Institute of Directors.

James Hanlon, MHN Ltd, CTO Team

Led by James Hanlon, with a team of 5, MHN has gained valuable experience across a number of different specialist domains, as well as constructing a toolkit of solutions which can be easily adapted for new tasks. The MHN team is able to provide a comprehensive set of services, across both structured engagements and exploratory research and proof-of-concept work. MHN are primarily interested in solving problems for clients. Part of this is selecting the right tools for the task at hand, especially when it comes to programming languages and supporting technologies. MHN work in close partnership with Island GIS to provide support on IT Infrastructure design, coding and development to ensure the scalability of all the aspects of the Island GIS technology stack. They also support and manage the in house development team to provide the correct advice on language and technology selection with consideration towards performance, security, development time, and maintainability.

Max Preuschen, Lead Developer

Max leads our in-house development team. Moving to Edinburgh from Germany in 2012, Max joined Island GIS to lead the development of Levima, our travel tracking and risk management application. Max has a BSc in Media Informatics from Beuth Hochschule für Technik (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) and a Masters in Advanced Internet Applications from Heriot Watt, Edinburgh.

Olga Cortes, Marketing and Communications Executive

Moving to Edinburgh from Madrid in 2006, Olga joined our team in August 2012 and supports the day to day running of all of our communications and marketing activities. Olga has a BA in Tourism Management & Languages from Napier University, Edinburgh and spent a year in NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona.